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HOW TO use this CELFON.in

You have in your hands the users of Cellular Phones and Landline Phones, as registered with us. Registering in CELFON.in is absolutely free for all persons and firms owning a Mobile Phone or Landline Phone connection.
Following Searches are possible to get information from CELFON.in
Directory Search : Name, address and Phone number are displayed when you search for a person or firm. In Reverse Number Search, Name of the owner, address are displayed.
Classified Business Search : Listing business information like names of products, ranges, service, brands, additional phones, branches etc is optional for a firm or professional. For a product (key word) searched, list of firms dealing with it are displayed with one phone number. More details on the firm can be seperatly searched. For Brand Search, list of firms dealing in that brand are displayed
Visitor is one who is visiting CELFON.in, with out any prior registration. Visitors can make the above searches, and get information on Name, city, pincode, Cell Phone number etc
Free Member, is any Person or Firm who has registered Freely with his particulars, in CELFON.in. After his LOG IN, he will get full postal address, Mobile Phone Number and Land Line Phone number for the above searches.
Subscriber, is one who has subscribed to the information service of Celfon.in, by paying subscription for a specified period. After his LOG IN, he will get the maximum information, as registered by the persons, firms, corporates, associations, Institutions etc. The subscribtions are very nominal, available for Periods of one year or specific lesser periods.


How to register my particulars?
In the Home page, select New Registeration. Enter all particulars
for Personal Names
* While entering personal names, do not use prefixes like Dr, Er, Thiru, Thirumathi, Sri, Srimathi, Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms etc
* Put the initials after the name. Do not use any dots (.) between the name and the initials
* Do not add degrees after the name
* Do not use S/o or D/o
* Enter respective data in all the fields, suitably
for Business Names
* While Entering Business Names, do not enter M/s, Messers etc before the name.
* Type the name as it is registered in the departments. Do not abbreviate
* If the firm name starts with initials, type as it is. Do not put any dot (.) in between the initial and the name.
* If the name starts with 'The' or 'Sri' do type them.
* Use following abbreviations, for the corporates -
PL - Private Limited
L - Limited
Is there any charges for listing?
Listing / Registration of Particulars of any person or Firm is absolutely free. Name of the firm or person, address and one phone or mobile number is listed free. Any one can enter these particulars themselves through celfon.in. Our staff can also help you in registration. Addition of more phone numbers, other communication details, phone numbers of all the departments / branches can also be listed as value added service.
Is there any charges for viewing the registered particulars ?
Any visitor can view the particulars to some extent,just by providing the search words. All registed (freely listed) members can get more particulars, when they log in and browze. Subscribers get in addition details of other communication (FAX, E Mail, Web Site, Landline numbers) details, range of products / services etc.