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The information of Addresses, Telecom numbers of firms & persons listed in this celfon.in directory is compiled from data gathered from various sources and on line registrations by users & associates. Every care is taken to get the latest information while gathering. Since these details are varying in nature with passage of time, the management & staff do not undertake any responsibility for their correctness. We request the users, subscribers and Visitors of celfon.in Directory Web Site & Services to check up the correctness of information listed and act accordingly.

2) The listing of Telecom users is not exhaustive and is continuously increasing with time. The search results are based on data available then.

3) The data with us are displayed to any visitor based on his query. So if you do not want to disclose your particulars to others, please do not register them in this celfon.in Directory. If your details are already listed in the database, please write to celfon.in to remove it from the database.

4) Any Product, Brand Search displays a list of addresses based on their query and the willingness of those firms to display. They are not based on their quality, repute or seniority. The users have to consult the respective firm for any such details.

5) Any visitor to the celfon.in can get details based on his search. Every visitor is not a user for celfon.in  Any one registering his valid E-Mail ID, Phone etc is taken as user. The particulars given by a user are not included in the searchable database of Business Firms & Business Contacts. So his particulars are displayed to other visitors, users or subscribers. A user can enter his particulars / his business  firm/other contacts particulars in the searchable database of celfon.in Directory.

6) Each user is credited with Points, whenever he registers particulars of Business Firms, Business Contacts in celfon.in  These credit points can be used to purchase Business Contacts displayed during their searches.

7) Users can also get Purchase Points, by opting for paid Memberships. The Purchase Points based on Membership can be used to view / purchase Business Contacts. The Purchase Points are valid for one year from the date of Purchase.

8) Each user is assigned a screen name. This screen name will be displayed to others, when the respective particulars are listed.

* In case of any dispute, it is subject to Coimbatore Jurisdiction, Tamil Nadu, India.